Monday, November 30, 2015

Get To Know Elastic Bands A Little Better

Braces are often the main line of treatment for most orthodontic problems and nearly always need to be augmented by elastic bands to help achieve perfect results. Elastics helps move your teeth so as to minimize the teeth gaps and cure the 'over-biting' complain.

Elastics are fitted by your orthodontist and may leave your teeth and gums slightly sore after the fitting. Do not worry though, this goes away in a few days. These elastic bands need to be worn 24 hours a day, for as long as your orthodontist advises. You may, however, remove them during meal times and when brushing your teeth only to wear them again as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to  wear new fresh bands after removing the previous ones.

At Wentz Orthodontics we advise wearing the elastic bands in the following way:

From upper right canine to lower right first molar and from upper left canine to first lower left molar. You might face problems in placing these correctly initially, but don’t worry we will teach and help you accordingly.

You can follow this guide unless you are personally instructed  to do yours a little differently.

Elastic bands might get broken at one point, it is advisable to replace both jaws' elastic bands. This is because with time the bands' elasticity decreases, so when one jaw's band is changed, it will have a stronger elasticity than the old one. Also, replace your elastic bands routinely to make sure the traction they apply on their teeth remains of a good strength as elasticity is lost through wear and tear.

Depending on the quality of elastics you use, you may be instructed when you should change the elastic bands, but mostly we advise changing them twice a day; once in the morning and once before bedtime. Keep extra bands with you at all times as they might break unexpectedly. You may pick up as many elastic bands as you want from your our office, it would only make us happier as it means you would be using them regularly.

The most important thing you need to take care of when wearing elastic wear is the regularity. Do not wear them for a part of the day and then not for some other times of the day as it will greatly affect your results. This irregular use of elastic bands will it move your teeth adequately, resulting in persistence of your problem. Furthermore, your teeth and gums will remain tender and sore as they will not grow accustomed to the force of elastic bands, and it might actually move your progress a bit backwards each time you take the elastic bands off for a long duration.

So when you visit our office for the setting of your elastic bands, make sure you asks any questions that come to mind, and pick up a few extra bands to play it safe.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Secrets For Successful Shopping On Black Friday

Everyone knows the biggest day for the best shopping deals is the day after Thanksgiving! Black Friday has become an unofficial holiday for smart shoppers looking to save on holiday gifts.  If you’re one of those smart shoppers, you’re in luck because we have a few secrets to help you in your hunt for the best deals this year.

Rule #1 Be Prepared

Many stores give early bird Black Friday ads to customers on their email list. Check out your favorite stores online and subscribe to their e-mail list so you can start finding the deals before the stores open!

Rule#2 Get Bonus Discounts

If you get a thrill from shopping at the crack of dawn, you will love the rewards that may come with it. Many stores do giveaways to those who are in line to shop on Black Friday. Last year, Sports Authority gave the first 80 customers to walk in gift cards worth up to $500.

Rule# 3 Split Up

It’s fun to shop with family and friends, but with so many deals and so little time you can play it smart by dividing up the shopping. Compare your lists with your closest pals, and split up the stores and items!

Rule# 4 Stay Within Your Budget

Make a list of what you need and a set budget on what you have to spend.   Make sure you stay strict to the list and don’t purchase items you don’t need.  Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t on the list that blow your budget.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Teeth Tips To Remember This Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family to show our appreciation of all things we are thankful for. It's a day we focus on the importance of those we care about most, and let's admit it, we're there for the food too!  With only a few days left before we feast, Wentz Orthodontics wants to give you some teeth tips to remember this Turkey Day!

Tip #1
Avoid teeth staining foods - Did you know that cranberries and certain types of pies can stain your teeth? Try to limit yourself when eating foods with strong coloring to them.  These same colors will eventually end up on your teeth, so brushing after your meal is important to help avoid unwanted stains on your teeth. 

Tip #2
Drink plenty of water - Nibbling on food all day is a given when you celebrate Thanksgiving. This year, make sure you drink plenty of water between meals to help flush out bacteria that can come when constantly snacking.  Water can help flush out food particles that would otherwise lay stagnant on your teeth. 

Tip #3 
Just say NO to soda - With all the desserts and side dishes you will have to choose from, adding more sugar to the mix with soda is not a good idea.  Soda has sugars that are unkind to your teeth, and for those with braces those sugars can cause decay around your brackets.  We suggest drinking water and milk instead to spare your teeth stains and decay.

Try to keep these steps in mind before you feast this Turkey Day, and you can give thanks for more years of healthy teeth.