Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Celebrate Tooth Fairy Day on February 28th

Did you know that February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day? Almost all parents tell their children about receiving a visit from the tooth fairy when they start to lose their baby teeth; so having a day to honor this magical fairy shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Tooth Fairy Day gives us a chance to celebrate the generosity of the tooth fairy for leaving treats under our pillows when we lose a tooth. Looking for a way to have some fun with the kiddos? Take time this Sunday to celebrate the tooth fairy!

To help you celebrate, we did a little research to find some random facts about the tooth fairy taken from Check them out below and share them with the kids.

Q: How old are you?
Tooth Fairy Answer:
“I know I look like a child, but I am very very, very, very old. I'm so old, that I stopped counting. I don't really remember when my birthday is. But every year on January 1st, the Tooth Fairy Helpers and I celebrate my birthday. I'm so old that I can remember when people didn't even live in houses.”

Q: How many teeth have you collected?
Tooth Fairy Answer: “Since I collect new teeth every night, the number of teeth in our magical collection at Tooth Fairyland is always growing. I have collected at least 566,884,585,218,216,155,785,335 teeth. That's A LOT OF TEETH!! I hope that your baby teeth are next.”

Q: How do you get my tooth without waking me up?
Tooth Fairy Answer: “Part of being The Tooth Fairy is that I have Tooth Fairy Magic. Using my magic, I can move very quiet and very fast. So quiet and so fast that you don't wake up when I get your tooth...even if it is under your pillow!”

Q: How do you get into my room?
Tooth Fairy Answer: “Using my Tooth Fairy Magic, I can go right into your room, but my magic only works if there is a lost tooth and if you are really sleeping.”

We love being your orthodontic practice, but we also love getting to know more about our patients! Do you have a good tooth fairy memory or traditions? We want to hear all about them! Please leave a comment of post your tooth fairy stores on our Facebook page!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This is the perfect opportunity to teach children the importance of oral health habits and proper techniques of taking care of their teeth, gums, and mouth. Did you know in the United States alone 51 million hours of school is missed by American students due to oral health problems? That’s why it’s so important to emphasize the recognition of this specified national month, because every hour of school that is missed creates more problems for children in the classroom. This is why Wentz Orthodontics encourages you to utilize this month to remind your kids about dental health.

Help your children have knowledge in dental health with these creative ways to make it fun.

Special Toothpaste

Most elementary school aged children aren’t concerned with having minty fresh breath, that’s why the ADA has approved so many fun flavored toothpastes. Almost all kids look forward to cleaning their teeth with fun flavors that fit their taste buds a little better. Some popular flavors are watermelon and strawberry, but there is a great variety to choose from!

Fun Toothbrushes

Another way to make dental health more interesting for children is to opt for fun style toothbrush. When replacing their toothbrush, let them pick one in their favorite color or with their favorite character. Also, a new toothbrush option that is growing pretty rapidly is the gaming toothbrush, such as the Grush. The “Grush” takes brushing to another level. This toothbrush is coupled with interactive and instructive mobile games guiding kids’ through proper brushing techniques while they think they are simply playing a game. These brushes also provide tracking for parents to see growth in results.

Create Memories

Show your children that taking care of their dental health is fun and memorable by adding a little flare to it. Brush and floss with them, sing songs, and help them brush while encouraging them to learn the proper skills. Also, there are several fun books and videos designed specifically for children to learn about dental health. Read to them and watch educational videos together. These efforts alone will provide great oral health habits with your children and long lasting memories.

It's never too late to teach your children proper techniques and skills for their dental health.  Also, don't forget you can bring your child in at age 7 for an evaluation and orthodontic treatment.